Most effective businesses are constantly evolving to meet the needs of their customers.

Deluge Interactive, a subsidiary of Delaney Computer Services, Inc. has been a leader in the New York website design space including the surrounding tri-state area for the last 15 + years with many website projects under our belts for clients in many different fields.

Over the years, we’ve evolved from a startup to a full scale internet marketing company. This evolution occurred as we were tracking the changes in the roles that the website played in growing and managing small businesses.

During our growth Deluge Interactive has also faced some of the same struggles our clients have, but we’ve always managed to stay ahead of the technology thanks mainly in part to our deep roots in technology with our parent company, Delaney Computer Services, Inc.

We recognized very early on that the most critical component to staying at the top of our game was actively cultivating and recruiting top industry talent and just plain old tenaciousness mixed with face to face business relationships.

Because of our commitment to acquire and retain talent, we are now a globally recognized team.

Prepare to be amazed.

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Discovery is the catch all term used to describe the entire information gathering process. Before we can actually begin planning a project we must gather as much information as possible – Starting with basic details about the business, its products and services, and then finally getting down to the client’s goals for this project. We cover everything from top to bottom, left to right.



Once we have gathered all the pertinent details related to our client and identified all their project goals we then begin brainstorming for our creative strategy. From both the Discovery and the Brainstorming activities we then create three important strategic outlines that will the guide the project forward. These documents are known as the SRS, the Strategy, & the Project Outline.


The Design phase consists of 3-4 core deliverables. Our designers meet with the project manager and the strategic experts and go over all three documents thoroughly. The design team then begins the creative phase where they either develop branding collateral and guidelines or familiarize themselves with the pre-existing samples. They then jump into wire frames, followed by story boards, and ultimately present mock design concepts to the client and project managers for feedback. Once approved, “Development” begins!



The Dev Team thoroughly familiarizes themselves with both the finalized designs and the programmatic requirements. From there, they set out to find the best technologies to support the build out of the project and its implementation. They analyze all critical factors relating to performance, flexibility, and security to insure that the finished product not only functions on a technical level but also performs securely and at the optimal levels. Once the build out has concluded we then end with Quality Assurance. Bye Bye Bugs!


Congratulations! After all our hard work we have reached the Promised Land. We created one awesome site and now we can finally make it live for all to see. Many people make the mistake of thinking this is the end of our relationship but really, it is just the beginning! Time to gather feedback.



Remember how I said it was just the “beginning”? Well, here is where it gets interesting, after asking all your friends and clients for their opinions and spending a ton of time with your new shiny site you are bound to want to change and improve some things… Optimization is what we do.

Deluge Interactive Is a Google Adwords certified partner.

Our Approach

People have a hard time wrapping their heads around the value of a properly executed website.We see it all the time – A person owns a business and decide they need a website. They Google “Web Designer NYC”, and ka-blam-o – they are inundated with both countless paid advertisements and unpaid “organic” results (whatever that means right?).

If they work up the nerve to pick up the phone, they will encounter a wide array of prices, from $500 to $10,000. Their next inclination is quite natural – they take a deep breath and gear up for some due diligence. They spend an hour or 10 searching around and doing a crash course on what could possibly be behind the crazy price point disparities only to be more confused than when they started.

I mean, why should a site cost $10k?

Don’t you just type up some content for your site and find some images? Maybe draw up some artwork or better yet grab some already existing images from somewhere and splice it all together in an hour and boom – you just made ebay right?

While you are mulling that over you reach the promised land and find the $30 template sites. So wait a minute, all you need to do is replace the content with your own and add some images and you are done? Now that $500 guy looks like a rip off artist too.

There seems to be a huge disconnect between people’s perception of what goes into building a stellar website and what actually does. They see a pretty site that is easy to use and highlights top products and services and effectively gets people to pick up the phone and assume that just happened because that’s how websites turn out. The fact is that it takes a ton of work to create a top performing website. After years in the space and completing countless projects we realized that there has to be a better way than charging an arm and a leg up front.

These days, we have a unique approach to web design and that is why our pricing model is unique as well. Aside from the struggle to get a site right – one of the other major issues that we ran into in the past was based on the need for change!

No matter how thorough we were in our design process and how awesome the finished product was, almost every client needs us to make changes to the site continually.

The point is, marketing collateral should never be static. Goals change; the business changes; products change; ownership changes; packages change; management changes. Lastly and most importantly, technology is unrelentingly and unapologetically ever changing. Each and every single day the marketing landscape changes.

It is imperative that you have top experts in the trenches ensuring that you are leading the pack. It is almost impossible to acquire and retain talented individuals who have both the desire and the ability to stay on the cusp of value adding innovation in-house on a small business hiring budget.

A website is one of the single most important pieces of marketing collateral that a business has in this day and age. Learning how to leverage it properly often times is the difference between a struggling business and one who is decimating its competition.

Domination is what we do.

Web Design

Proven Strategies executed for you by exceptional industry professionals.

We offer you the ability to work hand in hand with top designers, programmers, content writers, marketers, and a six figure a year digital marketing strategist for a tiny fraction of what it would cost to retain them individually.

Proven Strategies + Expert Execution = Unprecedented Results.

PC, Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile. We have the skills to pay the bills!

-- Deluge Team --


Some of our featured works and case studies. Contact us for more.


Custom Site

$399 / month

Just a website please. Hold the traffic, leads, and sales!

  • 100% custom website
  • Hosting & e-mail
  • Basic internet presence
  • Basic SEO

Site & SEO or PPC Management

$999 / month

We’ll take a site and all the organic traffic you can muster!

  • 100% custom website
  • Hosting, e-mail & internet presence
  • Comprehensive SEO (1st page guaranteed)

Site, SEO, & PPC Management

$1199 / month

Bring it on. We’ll take all the traffic I can get!

  • 100% custom website
  • PPC Campaign Management
  • Comprehensive SEO (1st page guaranteed)

Still not enough?

You’re insatiable. I like it.

Let me show my gratitude by doubling your business.

The ultimate package

$2999 / month

  • End to end marketing, consulting, and campaign management
  • Strategy development, implementation and execution
  • Branding, messaging, design, lead generation, and tracking
  • SEO, SEM, PPC, Adwords, e-mail, social media, TV, and radio
  • Sales process, design, and development

Clients Served
Avg % Increase In Sales
Avg % Increase in Profits


If you are looking for Web Design ideas or vendors in NYC then you have came to the right place. Deluge is the agency for all your marketing needs.
When someone searches for the term “web designers nyc” they are obviously in seach of a top NYC based web designer. We pride ourselves on offering enterprise quality services for small business prices to the greater NYC area.
You will find no new york web design team that is more passionate and dedicated to creating stellar work and providing our clients with exceptional experiences.
When someone searches for the term “web designers nyc” they are obviously in seach of a top NYC based web designer. We pride ourselves on offering enterprise quality services for small business prices to the greater NYC area.
Web design in New York is about goals. It is where art form meets business marketing function. So often, business owners search for web design new york help without a clear understanding of their goals. That’s what we do.
Deluge Interactive – Leaders in the greater NYC Web Design space. We do all the marketing collateral that you could hope for with our team of design and development gurus.

People use the terms web designers and website designers interchangeably in NYC and all over the world. One is technically more specific but they all apply to us. We do all forms of design – websites included.
It is funny how many different ways people search. They use New York, NY, NYC, New York City, and the 5 boroughs to search all the same areas. If you want to learn the art of SEO then you must understand how to do proper keyword research. Deluge knows NY web design.
Looking for a bunch of New York Web Designers? We have the staff. We arent starving artists living out of our parent’s basements. We understand the challenges that face your business. We understand the need to generate more sales and grow your business. We practice what we preach.
The query “web designer new york” returns all kinds of design firms and free lance artists. Want to know who to choose? Look at their work and pick up the phone and talk to them. Do they understand you and your goals?
Deluge Interactive is the top source for nyc web designers. Your search shouldnt just be about quantity. It should be about quantity and quality. We believe our protfolio measures up against any of the top nyc web designers.
Are you looking for Web Design in NY? You came to the right place. It is imperative that you choose experts. This is what we do.

There is a serious difference between a New York Web Design Company and an individual free lancer. We have experts in every facet of marketing and design. Do you just want something that looks nice or do you want to GROW your business?
Deluge Interactive is a premier web site design company. Based in New York but with clients worldwide ranging from successful small businesses to fortune 500 enterprise clients. Every client gets our trademarked white glove services.
The old days of “Custom Web Design” have came and gone. Everything is custom and everything is templated. Don’t know what I mean? Call me and I’ll explain.
Want to know how to find the right vendor? Interview multiple web design companies. Grill them. Ask tons of questions. See which one has the best model for you.
What’s the difference between a web design firm and a web design company? Not too much. What’s the difference between us and other web design firms? LOTS.
There are so many different kinds of web design services. Whether you need graphics altered, photos edited, wire frames created, or high level web programming in different coding languages or development platforms we are able to deliver.

Web Design is not just an art form. It is about performance. If your designer doesn’t understand your goals then they have no business selling web design.
We are experts in lead generation for small businesses. We know small business web design goals.
We have multiple top tier professional web designers on staff and several top digital marketers. You are selling yourself short looking for just a web designer.
We are a web design company ran by leading digital marketing experts. You can’t have success without both pieces to the puzzle.
Hello My Name is Deluge. Why look for other web designers? You have already found the best. Want to get more sales and leads? You need expert marketing help. Meet my friend Interactive. He handles that.
If you are looking for a top web design company with a presence near Manhattan then you have came to the right place! We have an office to entertain and meet clients in the heart of the financial district but we prefer to do our work outside Manhattan in a little hudson valley enclave.


We'd really love to hear from you so why not drop us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.



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